The VNHS campus is located 7 kms from Kamareddy town in pristine surroundings. It is surrounded by agricultural lands on all sides. The location is idyllic which provides ambience to learn and grow. The fresh air gives students healthy environment for learning and appreciating nature as it is deserves. At VNHS, students have opportunities to watch closely and learn from the many wonders of the nature around them.

Students also learn how to adapt and adjust to different conditions,as they observe how new life sprouts and how the plants grow. They learn from abundant flora and fauna in and around the campus and they learn to take care of surroundings. Spending time in the natural wilderness helps them spiritually and helps them to appreciate what the Almighty has bestowed us. They experience at close quarters the various seasons and their effects on the various living organisms.

We believe a stint at our school helps the child come to peace with their surroundings; a trait which becomes very important as we adapt to evolving technologies.

The residential and school buildings have been constructed to facilitate learning while being very close to nature, and far from noise and other pollutions. The Spartan feel to the buildings and its furnishing is a conscious decision. The classrooms are NOT air conditioned as we hope students will learn to appreciate finer things through self-reflection. The school infrastructure been often commended for being well-furnished, functional and effective.