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Bahelmi Education Group

Bahelmi Education Board was founded by Mohammed Abdul Qavi Bahelmi, who migrated to Kamareddy in 1974

Vidya Niketan High school was the second English medium school, comprising of just 4 teachers and 147 students in a small rented building. Mr.Qavi Bahelmi is currently the Secretary/Correspondent of the school.

The school has since been under his able guidance and is now spread over 27 acres and two additional branches in Hyderabad. This was possible by his continuous dedication and firm belief that every child has a hidden genius waiting to be discovered. This is only made possible by the strong support from the school's staff, which is carefully selected after stringent interviews. Most of the teachers have at least a master’s degree in their field of expertise.

Over the years we have learnt that not all students do well in studies but learning can be augmented by individual attention, appreciation and positive attitude.

Mr. Qavi Bahelmi is supported by his sons Abdul Aziz Bahelmi and Junaid Bahelmi; both have attended post graduate studies from leading universities in the United Kingdom.

Junaid Bahelmi holds a degree in Masters of Business Administration from University of Coventry. He also teaches and manages staff for smooth functioning of the school.

Mr. Qavi Bahelmi resides on campus along with his family to personally oversee the wellbeing of boarding students and to be easily available in time of need to students, staff and parents.