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Boarding School

At Vidyaniketan boarding your child will learn necessary skills that make himself dependent and bring about great discipline in his life.

We carefully monitor our students. We pay attention to the details which many people usually ignore. Their haircut, their food habits, their clothes and even the Polish on their shoes.

The moment a student wakes up and until he goes back to sleep, throughout the day, the child accomplishes little tasks on his own. This has a great impact on his life. The child becomes stronger and more confident, which directly affects his academic performance.

Students here bow down to their God in prayer 5 times every day. They jog and workout early in the morning, have healthy and nutritious food, learn to play a sport and most importantly they understand their obligations towards their God and the society they live in.

A good score and an A+ is what every school can promise today.

But in Vidyaniketan boarding along with that we promise overall development of the child.


Morning Wake up and Fresh up 5-15 AM
Fajar Namaz 5-45 AM
Morning PET 6-00 AM
Morning Games 6-30 AM
Fresh up-Bathing and Getting ready to School 6-50 AM to 7-30 AM
Morning Roll Call 7-45 AM
Morning Classes 8-00 AM to 9-00 AM
Break fast 9-00 AM to 9-40 AM
School (Morning Session) 9-45 AM to 1-30 PM
Lunch and Zuhor Namaz 1-30 PM to 2-20 PM
School (Post Lunch Session) 2-20 PM to 4-40 PM
Evening Fresh up and Asar Prayer 4-45 PM to 5-00 PM
Evening Snacks, & Tea 5-00 PM
Evening Games 5-10 PM to 5-50 PM
Fresh up and change 5-50 PM to 6-00 PM
Evening Roll Call 6-10 PM
Magrib Namaz 6-15 PM
Evening Study Hours 6-30 PM to 8-00 PM
Dinner 8-00 PM to 8-30 PM
Esha Namaz 8-45 PM
Lights off for (I to IX) 9-00 PM
Night Study Hours 9-00 PM to 10-30 PM
Lights off for all 10-45 PM


1 Wakeup for Fajar 5-00 AM
2 Get ready for Fajar Prayer 5-15 AM
3 Fajar Namaz 5-30 AM
4 Arabic OR Weekend Test 6-00 AM to 8-00 AM
5 Hair Cut, Fresh Up change 8-00 AM to 9-00 AM
6 Breakfast 9-30 AM to 10-00 AM
7 Room Cleaning and cleaning of surrounding (Rooms and belongings) 10-00 AM to 12-00 NOON
8 Zuhar Salah Lunch Time 2-30 PM to 3-30 PM
9 Rest & Phone Calls 3-30 PM to 5-00 PM
10 Asar Prayer 5-15 PM
11 Evening Games & Phone Calls 5-15 PM to 6-00 PM
12 Fresh up & Change 6-00 PM to 6-15 PM
13 Magrib Namaz 6-30 PM
14 Evening Arabic Classes Study Hours (VIII, IX & X) (Inter I & II Year) (New Namaz Hall) 6-30 PM to 8-00 PM
15 Dinner 8-00 PM to 9-00 PM
16 Lights Off 9-00 PM