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Day Scholar

VIDYA NIKETAN HIGH SCHOOL started functioning from June 1972. It is administered by the BAHELMI EDUCATION BOARD founded in 1972. It is a day school for boys & girls between the ages of 4 and 16 years. The school is recognised by the Government of Telangana.


At the conceptual, the school is committed to experiential learning. Instead of teacher-centric methods, teacher and students together construct knowledge so that both participate in this creative experience. This is then supported by Laboratory/fieldwork / practical work to make each topic come alive and make it a holistic and integrated learning process. Learning by doing is an experience that is both engaging and enduring.


In the Psychomotor domain, the school focuses on both physical fitness as well as skill at games. Students are motivated to develop proficiency and skill in games. These activities are designed to promote team-building efforts and a healthy balance of the head and the heart. Besides building confidence, these activities go a long way in developing better concentration, focus and above all provide a moral compass to students.


A centralised state of the art library is set up to ensure that students and staff are effective and efficient users of ideas and information. The library programme promotes literacy, the love for reading, provides guidance and the use of information and education technology for lifelong learning. It provides the resources needed for the classroom and the teachers for their research work. Other library resources include academic videos to support the curriculum and subscriptions to several publications and magazines. At any time, students can be found leaning on their circular tables reading whatever has captured their imagination.


There is a close integration of online and offline learning. Students have instant access to information through a well-stocked library and digital hookups with internet and online libraries. Virtual classrooms with a state of art technology provide students with the latest developments. Opportunities for creative learning and the development of scientific temper are the hallmarks of the IT curriculum.


Regular physical exercises and games are organised for the students to keep them trim and in good health. Physical Education is an integral part of the school curriculum.
Students play Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Lawn Tennis and Table tennis along with other team games and athletics.


VIDYA NIKETAN HIGH SCHOOL has a fine reputation for sports and has gained in recent year’s notable success in Local and National Competitions.
The aim of having regular games planned and conduct methodically is to develop teamwork, team building and team playing. It enables many skills to be learnt and their techniques cemented. Teamwork in the Knowledge Age is important because all of our work and live in a multicultural environment. Strong teams, only can ensure emotional bonding, a sense of being cared for confidence in setting and attaining goals. Sportsmanship, cooperation and team spirit are fostered during games, inter-house matches and inter-school tournaments. Karate is introduced in the High School along with meditation. It offers the opportunity to make lasting friendship and learn the value of discipline. It is our firm belief that our budding leaders will always lead from the front and in leading set a personal example.


The concept of the House system is an integral part of school life. Each student is assigned to a House. House Meetings are held to address the concerns, challenges and initiate strategies with a view to helping students self-development and promoting community values and rules. As the basic elements of nature sustain life, so too the six houses Ruby, Saphire, Emerald Topaz, Amethyst & pearl sustain harmony in the school campus. Various Inter House Competitions are held like elocution, debate, quiz, essay writing etc which foster a spirit of cooperation and healthy competition amongst students


The Socially Useful Productive Work incorporated as an integral part of the school syllabus encourages and prompts students to rise up to & work for the betterment of the society and its underprivileged sections. Students raise funds & help when natural calamities strike the country.


At VNHS boarders and day scholars enjoy equal opportunities. Day scholars can avail transportation provided by the school; The school aims to provide a safe and secure transport facility. Door to door transport is also available on request ( Conditions Apply ). --