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Rules and Regulations to be followed by the Parents and Student


  • Do not litter the campus.
  • Use of all electronic devices is prohibited.
  • Before visiting prior permission should be obtained.
  • No eatables to be brought to the campus.
  • Gifts, tips or favors of any kind to school staff are strictly prohibited.
  • Damage to school property within the campus will not be tolerated


  • All members of VNHS community are required to be respectful and courteous
  • Physical or verbal bullying will not be tolerated
  • Students are expected to obey the instructions of staff members.
  • Movement in the School will be brisk, quiet and orderly, keeping to the left.
  • Visitors must be greeted respectfully and assisted.
  • Polite and friendly interactions to be carried out with peers, elders and subordinates.
  • Conversation, at all times to be, strictly in English.


  • For willful breakage and damage to the School property, a fine will be imposed on the errant student.
  • If an individual is not identified, then same will be charged to the entire group of students involved.
  • The fine shall comprise replacement cost plus a fine of 50% of the replacement cost. However, in case of accidental breakages, only the replacement cost of the article will be charged.


  • Any student leaving the campus will only be allowed to go out with parents or with authorized person only.
  • A total of five visitors (including parents) are permitted, for which written authorization with photograph is essential.


  • Coming late to class/activity will be dealt with by the concerned teacher.
  • Repeaters may be suspended
  • Reporting late after sanctioned leave/night or day out will be dealt, strictly


  • Use of abusive language is considered a grave offence and will invite immediate action against the offender.


  • Parents are expected to visit the School, only, on the first and second Sunday of the month between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM.
  • Guardians, relatives or friends will not be permitted to visit a student unless a letter of authorization from the parents together with the photograph of the visitor duly signed by the parents is submitted to the School.
  • No staff member is permitted to be the local guardian of the student, except in case of a particularly closer relationship.
  • On arrival at the School, visitors must introduce themselves to the Teacher-onduty at the Reception Desk, who will send for the student concerned.
  • Parents or visitors shall not visit student dormitories, unless the student is being checked in.
  • Gifts, tips or favors, in any kind, to School staff are strictly prohibited.


  • No Students will be allowed to go home during the Academic year. However every child gets extra holidays of 12 days which can be used in case of emergencies.
  • Emergency Holidays cannot be used during Examination time; Leave should be authorized well in Advance.
  • No Leave will be sanctioned in the months of February, March & April.


  • Telephone calls should be according to the timetable given by the Boarding In-charges.
  • However, all the telephone calls will be entertained only after the School Hours.


In order to maintain the dignity/ethics of the School a student may be suspended, by the Principal of the School, on the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, on following grounds

  • repeated exhibition of disrespect to superiors;
  • poor conduct during School activities;
  • unethical acts of violence, disrespect, language; physical behavior towards peers/ seniors/subordinates;
  • poor attendance or breaking of School rules.


With the larger interest of student community in mind the Principal has discretionary powers to expel a student, if He/She

  • has shown great disregard to the School discipline;
  • has repeatedly, shown disrespect to the School ethics;
  • has been unable to come to the expected academic standards inspite of regular intervention;
  • has, through actions/behavior, brought the School community into disrepute;
  • Medical condition that may harm the wellbeing of others.